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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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guilty. in three weeks, dr. conrad murray will learn his sentence in the death of michael jackson. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins no live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute alarm clocks are going off. it's 5:00 a.m. on tuesday, november 8. >> i'm pamela brown. we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we start with adam caskey. not a bad start today. we still could have some fog developing later on this morning, but it is confined to a lower southern maryland and along the waterways. it is not as widespread and the fog is not as thick as yesterday. again, in about an hour and a half we could see more develop. 36 in leesburg. hagerstown 36. 45 in southeast washington d.c. we'll warm quickly and nicely
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today. back in the upper 60's this afternoon with some highs near 70 degrees. tomorrow a repeat performance with some added high, thin blouds. -- clouds. not too bad for virginia commuters. 395. we take you live to the traffic center camera. southbound travel had a vehicle fire between seminary road and duekke street. no delay to and from the pentagon. we will go next over to maryland. i will pick up a picture of beltway travel, moving nicely a cold spell road. -- at colesville road. >> of firefighter and a metro bus passenger were hurt after 1:00 a.m. at valley avenue. the crash involved a metro bus
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and fire engines. we do not know what led up to the collision. a power line may have sparked a overnight fire in a home on ind. run parkway in springfield. the fire started after 1:00 a.m.. the house was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. no one was hurt. firefighters are still investigating. the boxing world is remembering one of its all-time greats. former heavyweight champion smoking joe frazier died last night. this after a brief battle with liver cancer. he was 67 years old. he was known for his rivalry with muhammed ali inside and outside the ring. he beat ali once but resented living in his shadow. he spent his later years training boxers at a gym in philadelphia. kevin f. turning to the growing controversy involving republican presidential candidate herman cain. today he is expected to respond to allegations from a fourth woman accusing him of sexual
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harassment. to claim the incident happened while she was staying at the capital hilton. brianne carter has the details. >> for the past week, herman cain has said he will not talk about this. he wanted to "stay on message," as he crashed his campaign for. now he says later today he will finally speaking out. presidential hopeful herman cain says he will finally address the accusations against him. speaking out on the jimmy kimmel show he says he is planning a conference today. >> there is not an ounce of truth in all of these accusations. >> his announcement comes hours after our fourth woman said he harassed her. sharon bialek is the first woman to make her claim in front of cameras. she says it happened 14 years ago when she went to cain for a job. >> he put his hand on my leg and reached for my genitals.
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he grabbed my head and brought a tortoise -- towards his crotch. mr. cain said, you want a job, right? >> he denies the claim. he is vowing to move past at all and hang on to the top spot in this very field of candidates. >> i am in it to win it. >> that press conference is scheduled later this afternoon in arizona. it is unclear as to what or if any of this will have an impact on his campaign. in the latest poll numbers, they show that he is leading the pack. and more on vote 2012. president obama says changing the culture of washington is probably the biggest part of his agenda that remains unfinished. he made the remark at a private fund-raiser last night in northwest where he also touted his legislative record.
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the security was tight near the home on calicut street. ticket prices started at $18,000 per person. voters in maryland and northern virginia are going to polls to choose candidates for local elections. elections are held in arlington fairfax, loudoun, and prince william counties. in maryland, college park, gaithersburg, rockville and bowie. for information on polling locations log on to or website at >> we, the jury find the defendant dr. conrad murray guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. >> you hear michael jackson's sister shot out. it took the jury nine hours of deliberations to determine the fate of michael jackson's doctor. later this month he will learn
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if you will serve any prison time for the death of the pop singer. jummi, good morning. outside the courthouse yesterday, michael jackson's fans cheered and applauded his guilty verdict while his family believes there has been justice served for jackson they know none of this will bring them back. >> thank you america. thank all of the fans and the prosecuting team. >> the jackson family leaving the los angeles court house. more than two years after his death, his family and the faithful fans got the news there were waiting for. >> guilty. >> michael jackson's physician was found criminally responsible for the star's debt. >> thank you so much. i am happy it is over with. nothing will bring him back, but i am happy he was found guilty. >> jurors had to determine whether the doctor's actions constituted gross negligence or
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whether the singer injected himself. while they were happy to see justice served, this is not the storybook a ending the icon deserve. >> puts a negative ending to the michael jackson story. >> dr. conrad murray faces a sentence of four years in prison and could lose his medical license. although the district attorney and legal experts are saying it is unlikely he will serve a lengthy stin behind bars mainly due to jail overcrowding and the fact is his first offense. it's 5:07 now and 43 degrees. >> the latest on the penn state sex scandal. while the investigators are making a plea to the public -- why the investigators are making a plea to the public. mother nature strikes again. we have more of this incredible
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video of tornadoes. >> another check on the traffic and
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this amazing video comes from southwestern oklahoma. that is were several tornadoes touched down less like.
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several buildings were damaged or destroyed. there are no reports of serious injury. the tornadoes touched down two days after an earthquake damaged buildings in central oklahoma. >> unbelievable. they are having go there in oklahoma. right here is looking great. another beautiful day today. notice of visibility is better this morning compared to yesterday morning. on limited visibility is 10 miles. a few exceptions and one in particular is lexington park in lower --southern maryland. that is where we have the thickest fog with visibility at 2 miles. better than yesterday. some areas of fog developing, but not as widespread as yesterday morning. manassas 30. 32 and culpeper. 34 in cumberland. 44 in hagerstown. 42 in the district. annapolis at 45. a warm and pleasant afternoon.
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unseasonably warm. we will be closer to 70 later on today with total sunshine. then a few high, thin clouds by tomorrow afternoon. highs in the upper 60's again. a slight chance of rain by thursday. behind this system on thursday breezy and cooler into friday with highs back down into the low to mid 50's. lisa, what is the latest? i woke up at 1:41 a.m. thinking what time is it really? it's 2:41 to my body. but -- i was wide awake man. we are getting adjusted to that time change. a little bit of yawning and stretching happening on the highway, but we will tell you this is the real time. 5:12. come on. southbound on 270 a little bit of slow traffic. the usual. travel times are in your favor. good to and from the american
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legion bridge. no problems in and out of baltimore along baltimore 295 good across the bay bridge. a quiet trip across northeast washington and good in virginia. 66. this is a loss of 95. headlights are northbound. that is what we like to see. 5:13 now. >> the u.s. supreme court tackles technology. details on the keys that questions whether police need a warrant before attaching a device to a suspect's car. learn how the state of oregon is about to make hisny great pioneers before me, guided only by a dream. i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain, and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america save hundreds on car insurance. well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start. geico, fifteen minutes couould save
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>> welcome back. checking our top stories on this tuesday. a firefighter and a passenger were hurt when a metro bus and a fire truck collided in southeast washington.
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this happened after 1:00 a.m. at valley avenue and river road. the victims were taken to the hospital. there is no word on what led to the crest. the boxing world is mourning the death of smoking joe frazier. he died last night in philadelphia. he was 67. he handed muhammed ali his first defeat in 1971. then muhammed ali came back to beat him in 1975's thriller in manila. herman cain is scheduled to hold a press conference today to talk about new sexual harassment allegations. a woman claimed he made sexual advances toward her during a meeting at a washington hotel in 1997. authorities investigating child sex charges against former penn state offensive coordinator gerry sandusky now asking for help. they want any other alleged victims to come forward. gerry sandusky is charged with molesting 8 boys over 15 years. lavar arrington once played
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football for penn state. when he heard about the allegations against gerry sandusky, he was stunned. >> it is almost like a death. over 8 kids came out and testified about this? there is nothing good that will come of that. >> penn state's senior vice president and the athletic director resigned on sunday. they are charged with failing to alert police and with lying to a grand jury. authorities say the head coach is not a target of the probe. the supreme court will hear arguments in the case that could impact the use of high-tech surveillance tactics. if the obama administration is appealing a ruling that threw out at d.c. man's drug conspiracy conviction because authorities installed a gps device without a warrant. the justices will decide whether police need a warrant to use gps device is to track suspects. prepare for some thrills
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with a new video game. >> here's rob nelson. >> voting by ipad. some voters in oregon today are using their ipads to vote. it will allow the disabled to vote privately rather than go to a polling place and get help. >> is the most anticipated videotgame. they stayed open late for the midnight release of "modern warfare 3." another game "on chartered 3,"has the feel of a hollywood movie. >> explosions, action walls caving in, bad guys streaming into every entrance of the castle. buildings on fire. pretty much every bit of daring do you can imagine all packed into a couple of hours of game play. >> the game is available for playstation3. those are techbytes.
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>> 5:19. let's take a look at the traffic and weather. not as far this morning. good news. it will be a beautiful day again. >> i love to hear that. you do not even have to wear a coat. >> not this afternoon especially. you will want the short sleeves. some of you may want the shorts for two hours. >> wow. not me. >> use the benchmark of 65 degrees or more. you will come for a few hours. let's talk about visibility. better than what we had yesterday at this time. with one exception. that is lexington park. that is where we see most of the fog this morning. 2 miles visibility. and along the waterways, which is usual in the fall. frederick, right at the freezing point. 32 in culpeper. 42 in the district. along the water in annapolis, 45
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at quantico. collol out there but not a bad start. clear skies because we have high pressure in store. just like what we had yesterday. that will be the case on into tomorrow. notice the area of low pressure and oklahoma. it is coming at the cost of some severe weather, but we are getting beneficial rain in parts of oklahoma and texas. they need the moisture down there. that will track along the waterfront boundary off to the northeast. it will bring a cold front to our region on thursday. still, we have a slight chance of rain. that is it for rain chances. through the extended forecast and even then, a slight chance. overall, looking pretty dyrry on to the weekend until the early part of next week. if you laid down that fall cressy, you want to get out and water that - -0-- that fall grass
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seed you want to water that. still, pushing at 70 degree barrier again tomorrow. then we start to cool down with a cold front on thursday near 60. a chance of a few isolated showers. by friday, behind the cold front, look at what happens to the temperatures. then there done that. it will be gusty out there as well. then we warm up. it's ok. we will take all let this go round, adam caskey, and begin with potomac river crossing. we start with the 14th street bridge, where things are moving nicely. no problems on the moral bridge, the key bridge, and the roosevelt bridge. good to constitution avenue. dealing with that long term construction project. good at the wilson bridge and at the american legion bridge for commuters along the beltway. 29.
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the headlines southbound of columbia through silver spring. that is beautiful. we love you 29. 5:22 now and 43 degrees. up next, are there redskins throwing in the towel on 2011? we will find out what coach mike shanahan said that left players defending their pride. >> a mom's secret addiction is destroying her family. >> i do not do it to get high. >> you believe this makes you a better mother? >> i hate this. >> there's a van waiting. are you willing to accept treatment?
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chicago second and gaol. the chicago bears take the lead. >> the philadelphia eagles went into the season as the self-
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proclaimed dream team. they would never dreamed it would be in last place. the underdog chicago bears pulled off a monday night upset, winning 30-24. the eagles on the redskins are tied at at the bottom. >> what about the redskins? we have more on where they go from here. the redskins watched the video of the 49ers game yesterday. they will regroup for the dolphins sunday in miami. they are businesslike, despite four losses. mike shanahan says that john beck is is quarterback. mike said this is a rebuilding project, but he backed off of that. london fletcher was careful not to use that word. >> there is not a man in this locker room or approach on this coaching staff -- i know mike shanahan and his competitiveness. i am not resigned to losing. >> tyhehe caps host the dallas
5:27 am
stars. the caps are 6-0. dallas will be going after its fourth straight win. gametime tonight 7:00. there is a look at your morning sports. have a great day, everybody. the time is 5:27. 43 degrees. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> there is more tension between district police and occupy wall street protesters. what the d.c. police chief is saying. >> with the ongoing controversy herman cain expected to speak out later today. we will have the latest coming up in a live report. >> another beautiful day on tap. high pressure over head. a lot of sunshine. some areas of fog developing [
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute it is the one fight no one wants to lose, but joe frazier could not be his battle with liver cancer. he died last night at 67. the growing controversy involving herman cain. he's expected to respond to allegations of sexual harassment from a fourth woman. good morning, washington. it is tuesday november8. i am cynee simpson. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam? high pressure overhead again. we had some areas of fog developing, but not as widespread and thick as
5:31 am
yesterday. take a look good visibility. it is of limited with the exception of lexington park down to 3 miles. -- unlimited with the exception of lexington park. especially along the waterways we have the fog. 42 in the district. 30 in manassas. 37 in gaithersburg. 39 in lexington park. leesburg at 36. so look what temperatures do through the day today. we quickly climb in rising to the '60s and pushing 70 degrees later on this afternoon for a few hours. an unseasonably warm day. very mild up there. a repeat performance tomorrow. the next chance for rain is thursday. we start to cool down a little bit. a beautiful stretch of weather. lisa is today's commuter better than yesterday's? so far. it has potential. we will give it the green light as far as traffic around the
5:32 am
beltway, inside the beltway at george washington parkway. good heading down to reagan national airport. good to northeast washington. 66 and 95 at seeing a bit more action. the traffic center camera evidence of that. notice the pace steady. now to news. >> 5:32 now. the boxing world is remembering smoking joe frazier. the former heavyweight champion died last night after a brief battle with liver cancer. he was 67. joe frazier had a fierce rivalry with muhammed ali. mohammed ali issued a statement say that he will always remember him with respect and admiration. joe frazier spent his later years training boxers at a gym in philadelphia. local elections held today in virginia and maryland. seats up for grabs include city council and state senate. for information on polling locations and times, log on to the latest of women accusing
5:33 am
herman cain of sexual harassment -- she alleged incident at the capital hilton in northwest. cain is expected to respond. brianne carter is live on capitol hill with more. good morning. >> good morning. after saying he was not going to talk about these allegations that herman cain calls false now he says he is planning a press conference later this afternoon to address these allegations. all of this comes last night in an appearance on the jimmy kimmel show, hours after a fourth woman made claims that herman cain had her arrested. her name? sharon bialek. she was the first woman to make the claims in front of cameras. she says it was 14 years ago when she went to herman cain for a job and that is when she claims she groped her. speaking out last night, herman cain said all of the accusations
5:34 am
are completely false. >> when you know that all of this is totally fabricated, you go from anger, then you get disgusted. >> and so now we expect to hear from cain later today. the question remains -- what kind of impact is this going to have on the campaign? new polls show2 his favorability has dropped nine points, his credibility down 5%. many republicans say this controversy will not hurt this candidate. in the latest poll about where all the step up, herman cain remains on top. tensions are rising between d.c. police and occupy practices. demonstrators released a new police report yesterday showing a fourth person was struck by a
5:35 am
car during protests. we have the details on this story. >> the protesters now are also demanding a police investigation of the hit-and-run incident, but police say the protesters have turned violent. friday night, the protesters marched from mcpherson square to the convention center and a police headquarters. according to reports, a silver sudan hit one protester and hit a family of three a block away. >> i did not jump on that car. she bowled me over. >> witnesses identified as the same silver lexus. >> i along with a few others chased the car down seventh straight. saw him hit the three victims. >> they criticized police for not charging the driver. >> we cannot allow it to the president the protesters are mowed over by cars. >> in a statement, the chief
5:36 am
said demonstrators have become increasingly confrontational and violent towards uninvolved bystanders and motorists. she released a video of protesters confronting people at the convention center, with the victim of the hit-and-run blocking the entrance. >> now police have interviewed some of the witnesses as well as the victims in a hit-and-run incident. the chief of police as that they will be changing their tactics to ensure public safety. it's 5:36 now. family and friends gathered tonight to remember two boys who died in a fiery car crash last week. the candlelight vigil for the 11-year-old and a 2-yera-ar-old will be held at new mexico on top -- elementary school in upper marlboro. the boys died after their car burst into flames after at the core cas -- 3 car crash.
5:37 am
police are saying the man ran in front of the car just before 7:00 last night. they say the driver could not stop in time and struck the man. the driver did stay at the scene and will not be charged. >> 5:37 is your time on this tuesday. a nationwide test of the emergency alert system will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 p.m. it will be the first time such a test will be broadcast in all parts of the u.s. at the same time. it will be transmitted through tv and radio stations. a message will interrupt programming indicating it is a test. people are asked not to call 911 in response. it is 5:37. 43 degrees outside. feels pretty good. nice day. still ahead, our reaction to the guilty verdict in the trial of michael jackson's dr. dr. conrad murray. how much time he might spend behind bars. >> warning labels are going up
5:38 am
in smoke. how big tobacco scored a huge victory in court. >> we have another check on traffic and weather every 10
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hello. i'm with wooden heart, a national coalition for women with heart disease. if you are living with heart
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disease, we are here for you. go to good morning, washington. temperatures are seasonable. about what he would expect, but it is not as foggy as sister the morning. take a look at the numbers. 42 in the district. a fog for the south and east particularly on the eastern shore. frederick at the freezing point. 36 in winchester. clear skies overhead. the high pressure in control of our weather. tomorrow will be fairly similar as well. notice that active weather off to our west. that is an area of low pressure that will attract to our north over the next few days bringing a cold front by thursday giving us the next chance of rain. even then, the odds look slim. pushing 70 later on today and through tomorrow afternoon.
5:42 am
cooling by thursday and friday. ok we are pushing a slowdown eastbound on 66. not because of an accident. it is because of the volume of traffic. no problems on route 53 chantilly and gilbert's quarter. traffic looks ok on 15. round hill, berryville, on 7 to get into leesburg, to sterlingroad. no problem is to gainesville and inside the beltway. a quiet ride along 66 in falls church and good of 395. the time note -- 5:42. it is 42 degrees. >> coming up on this tuesday, by tonight four couples remain on
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coming up tonight at 5:00.
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speed cameras keep speeding in check. what about the speed cameras themselves? are they accurate? the information you need it could help you beat the ticket. join us at 5:00. 5:46. we take a look at our top stories. legendary boxer joe frazier has died after a battle with liver cancer. he was 67. joe frazier was the first to defeat muhammed ali. the two boxers had a bitter rivalry. that lasted for decades. joe frazier spent his last years running at jim and philadelphia. firefighters and a passenger were heard when a metro bus and a fire truck collided in southeast washington. this happened after 1:00 a.m. this morning on valley avenue and wheeler road. no word on the condition or what led up to the crash. gop presidential candidate herman cain has scheduled a news conference today to respond to new sexual harassment allegations against him. a woman says he made sexual
5:47 am
advances toward certification during a meeting at a washington hotel in 1997. michael jackson's family is praising the guilty verdict. a jury took 9 hours to find dr. conrad murray criminal responsible for jackson's death. he was accused of giving the singer a fatal dose of propofol. >> nothing will bring him back, but i am happy he was found guilty. >> justice was served, yes. there was not enough time. >> dr. conrad murray's plans to appeal. dr. conrad murray was ordered to stay in jail until he is sentenced on november 29. he faces four years in jail and could lose his medical license. news about cigarette warnings. graphic labels will not. on cigarette packs anytime soon. a federal judge blocked the government's plan to require cigarette makers to put startling images on each pack.
5:48 am
the labels could violate the manufacturers free-speech rights. >> everybody that smokes knows that cigarettes are bad for them. no secret. i do not think the fda needs to step in and say that cigarettes are bad for you. anti-smoking advocates want the government to appeal. the justice department is reviewing the decision and deciding what to do next. the time is 5:48. time for a look at the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. excited about the weather today. another beautiful one. you said people could wear shorts if they wanted to. for a few hours if you feel ambitious. if you have that high threshold. we will be in the upper sixties for a brief period later on today. it is a cool start to the day. take a look at our hd rooftop camera. you can see a little bit of
5:49 am
twilight there on the horizon. the sun pup at 6:43. we don't have as much fog as yesterday. still unlimited all around the metro area. looks into a park, though, 3 miles. -- lexington park. closer to the waterways is where we have the fog. quantico as 40 but 30 in culpeper. 32 in frederick. martin's third at 33. reagan national checking in at 42. clear skies overhead. a beautiful day with a high pressure in store. just as sunny as yesterday. tomorrow, a fair about the sunshine. that area of low pressure will track to the northeast. it will swing a cold front through the washington area on
5:50 am
thursday. that gives us are slight chance of rain in the foreseeable future. that is it. looking dry through the early part of next week. sunny and 68 today. some places could hit seven for a brief period of time. dropping back into the 40's. could see some patchy fog tomorrow morning. then a lot of sunshine tomorrow. and highs again approaching the 70 degree mark, especially in the upper 60's. a slight chance of rain on thursday. still looks very isolated. the odds are slim of seeing much rain out of that system. nonetheless, a slight chance of rain. not only do temperatures take a nosedive into the low 50s, but you will feel the gusty wind on friday as well. lisa with the latest on the commute. it is good news for our friends in maryland. it is a volume only on 270. 95 out of baltimore looks
5:51 am
decent. metro is supporting it normal services systemwise. red line out of dupont circle the entrance escalators are out of service. they are setting up the shuttle. i'll take you across the american legion bridge. that's good of tyson's and bethesda. 95 looks good in virginia. status quo. love this picture of the george washington parkway traffic. good on the clara barton parkway. no worries to and from dulles. hard to believe. the u.s. capitol christmas tree is on its way to washington d.c. the white fir was chop down over the weekend. it is now strapped to a truck and will arrive in washington d.c. and a couple of weeks. when it arrives at the capitol, it will be decorated with 10,000 lights. with the holidays right
5:52 am
around the corner, who would not love some extra cash for shopping? >> this week we are giving you a chance to win $700. all you have to do is go to sign up, and we will announce the winner on friday on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> who would not love that? >> perfect timing. jamba juice and macdonald have new offerings. -- and macdonald have new offerings. >> good morning. the microsoft phone is out. it runs windows 7.5. the samsung focus. it has a touch screen and the same amount of stored as the iphone 4. there is no stopping apple fans. the iphone 4s was released on
5:53 am
the 14. one analyst says it is still flying off of store shelves. jamba juice in getting into the holiday spirit. it is offering a new apple cinnamon cheer smoothy. and mcdonald's also rolling out a new drink to spread the chair. you can sip on a peppermint mocha. if you're not a coffee drinker they have peppermint hot chocolate available now through january 2. live at bloomberg headquarters i am linda bell reporting. >> how on earth you get to these early hours without coffee? >> everybody asks me that, but i am not a coffee drinker. >> good vitamins. 5:53 your time. 42
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great news for fans of singer adele. she's expected to make a full recovery from vocal chord surgery in boston yesterday. she was forced to cancel all of her tour dates in the u.k. and had to cancel u.s. tour dates as well. we are preparing for another elimination on "dancing with the stars t" tonight.
5:57 am
>> j.r. martinez continued to amaze the judges, earning the first perfect score this season. >> ♪ >> he does have the moves. he was at the top of the leader board with ricki lake not far behind. nancy grace in last place. the show is tonight on abc 7. >> stay with us. we will be right back.
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what is at stake here at home in the elections and all across the country. >> there's not an ounce of truth in all these accusations. >> setting the record straight. republican presidential candidate herman cain says that he's ready to respond after another round of sexual harassment allegations. >> saying goodbye to joe frazier. the heavyweight champion lost his final fight with cancer. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your


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